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St. Paul’s United Church in Penmaenmawr supports the following charities:-


"ALL WE CAN" makes small miracles possible for people living in the world’s poorest communities. 

"ALL WE CAN" recognises that ending global poverty is a major task – arguably, the greatest challenge of our time – and will involve many people and organisations. We appreciate too that there are many ways of going about it – some of which work better than others.

With limited resources, "ALL WE CAN" has therefore chosen an approach that is proven to be both effective and sustainable. It’s informed by our Christian values and the experience we’ve gained over 25 years.

• We focus our support on the poorest communities in some of the poorest countries of the world – 19 of them in 2010, spanning Africa, Asia and Latin America.

• "ALL WE CAN" work through partnerships with local organisations overseas who know the local context and needs best. We prioritise small organisations, which are often unable to access funding and support from bigger agencies, and aim to strengthen them as well as their communities.

• "ALL WE CAN" strive for transforming and sustainable change rather than service provision. So we’d rather offer people loans and training so they can start their own businesses and provide for their families, than provide food parcels year after year.

• "ALL WE CAN" provide support in times of humanitarian crisis – again, through working in partnership with local organisations. We don’t just respond to high-profile disasters though – we also ensure the victims of forgotten emergencies receive help.

• "ALL WE CAN" work to change the structures which make and keep people poor, both in the UK and overseas, focusing on those things over which we can have most influence. "ALL WE CAN" recognise that challenging injustice is essential if we are to end poverty.    

           "ALL WE CAN"  (Formerly MRDF) website


 Action for Children (formerly National Children’s Home)

What we do

Boy smiling with parent in backgroundWe're a children's charity who:

  • work with over 50,000 children and young people of all ages
  • run 480 projects across the UK
  • tackle issues such as child neglect and abuse

We offer a wide range of innovative services

They are provided to:

These include:

 The Leprosy Mission

Leprosy is still a major disease in today’s world. A new patient is diagnosed every 2 minutes, which is around 250,000 every year. The Leprosy Mission is a Christian medical and development charity working with people affected by leprosy in about 30 countries. It aims to demonstrate the love of Christ by working to eradicate the causes and consequences of leprosy. We work with individuals, communities and governments to test people for leprosy and provide treatment, which ranges from multi-drug therapy, through reconstructive surgery, to providing artificial limbs and physiotherapy. After treatment The Leprosy Mission continues to care for people’s social and economic needs. We empower leprosy sufferers to regain their dignity and place in their community through education, job training, business loans, support groups and housing schemes. Find out much more at

Fair Trade Our mission 

The Foundation’s mission is to work with businesses, community groups and individuals to improve the trading position of producer organisations in the South and to deliver sustainable livelihoods for farmers, workers and their communities by –

  • being a passionate and ambitious development organisation committed to tackling poverty and injustice through trade
  • using certification and product labelling, through the FAIRTRADE Mark, as a tool for our development goals
  • bringing together producers and consumers in a citizens’ movement for change
  • being recognised as the UK’s leading authority on Fairtrade